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My name's John, and I'm an actor. I discovered my passion for performance at a very young age. Truth be told, I took to hamming it up for an audience far more than I ever took to studying for an exam. My parents were smart and kind enough to see my desire and nurture it, enrolling me in a high school with a stellar arts program. Between playing the piano for our Jazz Band and performing on stage in several theatrical productions, I was quickly sold on a life in the theater. The Drama Program at Syracuse University provided me with a sincere appreciation for the art, its methods, and a foundation to continue to build upon as I pursued my dream in the real world.

I spent the next decade or so living between Chicago & Los Angeles, all the while performing and furthering my education. While in Chicago, I studied at The Second City, graduating their Improv and Musical Improv Conservatories in 2012. On the heels of graduation, I took my first official gig with them on board the Norwegian Star. It was there that I met my future wife. We moved back to Los Angeles once we got back on dry land, and have lived everyday since, in the pursuit.

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Address : Los Angeles, CA



  • 01
    Sketch / Improvisation

    Second City Hollywood • House Sketch Ensemble • 2015-’17

    Second City Theatricals • Norwegian Cruise Lines • 2012-’13

    Second City Theatricals • Norwegian Cruise Lines • 2011-’12

    Improv Olympic Chicago • House Ensemble • 2011-‘13

  • 02

    I Joined the Army for Five Years & All I Got Was This Lousy Play • Hank (Mohammed) / Mike • The Annoyance

    The Dumbwaiter • Gus • Black Box Players

    SubUrbia • Norman Chaudry • Black Box Players

    The Taming of the Shrew • Grumio • Storch Theatre

    The Rocky Horror Show • Dr. Frank-n-Furter • Up & Running Productions


  • 03

    Compact Only • Principal • PIC

    Kill a Kitten • Principal • Dornbii Entertainment

    Career Day • Supporting • Foe Killer Films

  • 04

    Couples Who Prove Opposites Attract • Supporting • Buzzfeed IRL

    Being in a Relationship During the Holidays • Principal • Buzzfeed

    Aussie Girl • Supporting • Astronauts Wanted

    Annabel’s First Date: Web Series • Supporting • East Coast Heart Productions


  • 01
    Syracuse University Department of Drama

    Syracuse, NY

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Arts


  • 02
    The Second City Training Center

    Chicago, IL

    Improvisation Conservatory

    Musical Improvisation Conservatory



  • 03
    Upright Citizens Brigade

    Los Angeles, CA

    Improvisation Conservatory



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